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$18.00 /Per 24 Hrs

$18.00 /Per 24 Hrs

$18.00 /Per 24 Hrs

$20.00 /Per 24 Hrs


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    • What is ExpressPay?

ExpressPay is our premier convenience package offered to frequent parkers. Customers sign-up online , register their vehicles, and can then bypass the pay cashier lines when returning from SeaTac Airport (payment is already performed and customer picks up keys in an express line dedicated to those prepaid customer).

    • Why sign up for Express Pay?

As a frequent parking customer, you are recognized for your loyalty. You receive a discounted parking rate and V.I.P. service bypassing our pay checkout line, going straight to your vehicle where your receipt is waiting for you.  (a dedicated pickup lane separate from the pay lanes is used at Lots A, B and C)

    • How do I sign-up?

Click here to sign-up online.

    • Why do I have to register my vehicles to use the program?

ExpressPay only tracks registered vehicles. Having your vehicles on file allows us to provide fast, accurate ExpressPay service. You can add and remove vehicles on the 'Regstered Vehicles' tab on the account page, or when making a reservation.

    • How am I recognized as an ExpressPay member?

When entering a MasterPark location the license plate of the vehicle is registered in our parking management system, and you will be asked if you want the charges posted to your ExpressPay account.

    • How do I get a receipt for my parking if I skip the checkout line?

You will find the receipt attached to the vehicle keys.  Additionally, a receipt is automatically emailed to all Express Pay customers via the email they provided at sign-up.

    • What information is required to setup my ExpressPay account?

Name, address, email, vehicle license plate, and credit/debit card information.

    • Are my profile and credit/debit card information secure?

Yes, we do not store your credit/debit card number. Our parking management system uses a proprietary tokenization solution provided by Shift4. Shift4's solution replaces cardholder data with a token, which we then use for any future ExpressPay parking transactions. Only this token is saved in our system, and it only works with our point of sale system.

    • Will I accrue MasterPark Rewards points if I become an ExpressPay member?

Rewards membership is optional, but encouraged. You can opt-out on the ExpressPay sign-up page.

    • Is Express Pay available at MPark self-parking?

Not at this time.

    • Where are you located?

MasterPark has five SeaTac Airport parking locations adjacent to the airport entrances:

SeaTac Airport Parking Locations

LOT A18220 International Blvd.SeaTac, WA 98188(206) 242-1111
LOT B2907 South 170th StreetSeaTac, WA 98188(206) 444-0500
LOT C16025 International Blvd.SeaTac, WA 98188(206) 444-9200
Garage16826 International Blvd.SeaTac, WA 98188(206) 244-2400
MPark3035 South 160th StreetSeaTac, WA 98188(206) 246-2222
    • What are your rates?

    Click here for our current SeaTac Parking Rates

    • What are your hours of operation?

    All four of MasterPark's SeaTac parking lots are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. We never close!

    • How often do shuttles drop-off and pick-up?

    When customers arrive to drop their cars off at MasterPark, our SeaTac Airport shuttle departs within minutes. Upon arrival back at SeaTac Airport, customers call on the courtesy phones located in the shuttle pick-up and drop-off area and our shuttles are there within minutes. See our How-It-Works page.

    • What form of payment do you accept?

    MasterPark accepts all major credit/debit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

    • Are reservations required?

    No, but they are encouraged during peak travel periods. SeaTac airport parking is at a premium during any holiday.

    • How do I make a reservation?

    Just go to our SeaTac Parking Reservations page. Fill out the parking reservation form and click submit. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you so you can be sure your parking spot is reserved.  (if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hrs please check the website to assure the process was completed or email the facility for confirmation)

    • Are your facilities secured?

    Yes, all four of our SeaTac parking facilities are well lit and enclosed within security fencing. In addition, all lots have 24 hour video surveillance and personnel monitoring the grounds around the clock.

    • Where do I pick up the MasterPark shuttle at SeaTac Airport?

    Masterpark pick-up/drop-off at the airport is located on the 3rd floor of the parking garage.  We pick up at island #1 or #3.  Call from the courtesy phones located on these islands or text in using the Masterpark App to request a pick up.  Wait at the island until you see one of our yellow shuttles with the lot letter in the upper right front windshield.  Wave down the driver when you see them so they can assist you onto the shuttle and deliver you back to the correct location.

  • How do I earn MasterPark Rewards points?
  • Go to our Rewards Sign-up page to begin accruing points towards free parking.

    • How do I sign-up for ExpressPay?

    Go to our Sign-Up page to join our premier ExpressPay program..

    • What if I have more questions?

    Just contact us at 206-244-5363 or email us, and your questions will be answered. Click here to go to our Contact-Us page.

    • What is the MasterPark Rewards program?

    MasterPark Rewards Program is designed as a way of rewarding our loyal guests for parking with us. The program allows our members to earn points for dollars spent, before taxes and fees, towards free parking at our 4 airport parking locations. Click here for Program Terms & Conditions.

    Redemption Conversion Table

    LocationPoints Needed For 1 Free Day
    LOT A130
    LOT B130
    LOT C130


  • How do I join MasterPark Rewards?
  • You can sign-up here on our web site.

    • Why do I have to register my vehicles to accrue points?

    Our Rewards program only tracks vehicles registered in your online account to accrue points. You can add/remove vehicles by clicking on the "registered vehicles" tab in your account page..

    • How do I earn Rewards points?

    MasterPark Rewards Program is designed as a way of rewarding our loyal guests for parking with us. Any time a member parks at one of our 4 valet parking locations, and pays for parking at the lot, they earn points towards free parking.

    • How do I check my Rewards points balance?

    Rewards members can check account point balances, and update account information, by logging-in in here on our web site.

    • How do I redeem my MasterPark Rewards points for free parking?

    Members redeem their rewards points via the cashier at our service checkout counters upon return for their vehicles.

    • Do I need a coupon to redeem my points?

    No, our cashier will review your account and apply any points you have available upon request at checkout.

    • Do my MasterPark rewards points have cash value?

    Accumulated points may be used in lieu of cash (in one day increments) to pay for parking, but points cannot be redeemed as cash to the guest.

    • Do my MasterPark rewards points expire?

    Members continue to accrue points as long as they are a frequent patron. Member accounts that show no activity for 12 months or longer, become inactive and the account balance becomes inactive.

    • What if I park for a longer period than my current Rewards points balance will cover?

    Points may be redeemed in 'full day' increments up to the guest's account balance. Any left-over amount due will be charged and you will be responsible for any balance owed at time of checkout.

    • Are my MasterPark Rewards points transferable?

    No, points are not transferable to another guest's account.

    • How does MasterPark track and accrue Rewards points?

    Our point-of-sale system uses the guest's vehicle license plate number(s) provided on the account setup page, or when they make a reservation.

    • Can I redeem my Rewards points at all MasterPark locations?

    Yes, members may redeem points at any of the 4 valet locations. Please see our redemption table above for the details.

    • If I sign-up for Rewards, am I automatically signed-up for ExpressPay?

    No, ExpressPay membership is optional, but encouraged. All guests are invited to join our ExpressPay program to save time and money.

    • Will I earn Rewards points when I park at MPark self-parking?

    No, our Rewards program is available to customers parking at one of our 4 valet parking locations.