ADA Customer Parking Policy & Procedures
MasterPark prides itself on taking the required steps to accommodate our ADA customers who seek parking services at SeaTac Airport. Please review the scenarios below and contact the appropriate MasterPark lot manager at least 24 hours prior to your arrival.
Upon arrival at a MasterPark location and after authorization from the vehicle owner, a MasterPark employee will assist the guest in delivering them to the airport in the guest's vehicle at no additional cost to the guest. The guest claim ticket is tagged as an ADA vehicle and the manager of the parking lot is alerted when the guest needs to be picked up at SeaTac Airport baggage area and returned to the MasterPark location.
If an ADA customer does not give MasterPark authorization to transport them to and from SeaTac Airport in their vehicle, MasterPark will arrange for a non-barrier taxi at MasterPark's cost to transport the customer to and from SeaTac Airport. ADA customers that require the non-barrier taxi service need to contact their preferred MasterPark location 48 hours in advance in order for MasterPark to facilitate the non-barrier taxi service. The 48 hour requirement is a condition of the taxi company.
If MasterPark is unable to park an ADA customer's vehicle due to the operational set up of the vehicle (i.e. ADA hand controls) or the customer denies MasterPark's request to park the vehicle; MasterPark will furnish the customer with a self-park ADA parking stall for their entire stay. If there are any questions or further information required please contact Troy Patrick, MasterPark's Executive VP at (206) 444-9200 or Email (see "contact us" under the "more" tab).
MasterPark Lot Contacts
LOT ANeal Mullarky18220 International Boulevard(206)
LOT BRyan Jones
2907 South 170th Street(206)
Lot CDavid Hacker 16025 International Boulevard(206)
GarageTroy Hashimoto16826 International Boulevard(206)
MPark (*Self-Park)David Hacker3035 South 160th Street(206)